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Jeremy Loops Album Trading Change Debuts at No. 1

Trading Change, the debut album by Cape Town musician Jeremy Loops, has climbed straight to No. 1 on the iTunes SA charts on release day.

The album, which features the singles Power, Mission to the Sun (ft. Jamie Faull) and Down South (ft. Motheo Moleko), was released on 31 March on iTunes SA, with the CD release set for 7 April across stores nationwide, and a worldwide release tentatively scheduled for May 2014.

Trading Change flew to its No.1 position ahead of the formidable Now series (Now 66) as well as new albums by international favourites Toni Braxton and Shakira. Speaking on the albums impressive sales debut, Jeremy Loops said ‘This is Crazy! We hoped the album would be well-received, but this initial response is simply overwhelming. I’m still taking it all in.’

The album’s official launch party will be held at his Kirstenbosch show on 6 April, closing out Old Mutual’s annual Summerset Concert series and Johannesburg at Katy’s Palace on the 23rd April.

Jeremy Loops will tour Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom in May in support of the album’s release, with additional European tour dates being finalised.

Download Trading Change today: www.bitly.com/loopsalbumitunes


  1. Sinner
  2. Power
  3. Down South ft Motheo Moleko
  4. Trip Fox
  5. Mission ft Jamie Faull
  6. Lonesome and Blue ft Adelle Nqeto
  7. Skinny Blues
  8. Higher Stakes
  9. Running Away ft Motheo Moleko
  10. Killer Killer
  11. My Shoes ft Motheo Moleko
  12. Basil

New Farryl Purkiss video: Seraphine

The latest video to be released by Farryl Purkiss from the ‘Fruitbats & Crows’ Special Edition, is the beautiful video shot for “Seraphine” in London earlier in 2011. The creator of the beautiful Music Video is Hamblim Imagery, originally from Durban (Umdloti) and now based in London. Headed up by Peter Hamblin, the growing unit are dedicated to creating still and moving imagery that is inspiring and original. They are guided by the beauty of individuality and focused on creating cut through and visual substance, as evident in the music video for “Seraphine”.

The idea behind the video for Seraphine, came when Farryl met up with Peter in London about five months back, and over a couple of beers they started talking about Farryl’s next singles and his inspiration behind the track Seraphine, which is ultimately about the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of God. In line with the message of the song, they thought it would be fantastic to depict this life journey over the course of the song. In a sense we are born happy (born into God) and as we grow up we explore who we are, we adventure out in to the world and create a journey of experiences, some good, some bad, and ultimately they define who we are. The video does exactly this, which you could see as that moment when your life flashes in front of your eyes. Our Angel “Seraphine” (played by Yulia) appears at the definitive points of this journey highlighting where true happiness lies.

Peter Hamblin had been toying with the idea of shooting this music video in stop motion, but after a couple of conversations with his DOP, Mat Gardner, and realizing that they only had 3 days to shoot, they decided on the existing treatment of shooting Farryl against as many backdrops as possible to create this ever-changing journey effect. This led to a great deal of walking around London, shooting where permitted, against whatever backdrop they could find (all-in-all they shot against 110 backdrops). The entire crew was exhausted and it was quite a process to edit, but it’s made for a stunning video!

In the words of Farryl “If I was still in London, we could walk some more”.