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Graeme Watkins Project flies away with their award winning music video

SAMA nominated outfit Graeme Watkins Project are pleased that their new hit single “Fly Away”, taking off on both national and regional radio stations around the country.

After winning 8 award categories at the 48 Hour MVP Awards late last year for the music video “Fly Away”, including Best Music Video Award, Best Song, Best Lyrics, Best Performance, Best VFX, Best Cinematography and Best Directing, the band felt that the single selection was pretty obvious.

Graeme Watkins Project in collaboration with Any Minute Now Films paired up for a frantic weekend of creativity in which they make a music video from scratch, from concept to post-production – all within 48 hours.

“This fantastic team gave their time and formidable skills for free to be involved in a crazy weekend at the craziest time of year”, says director Julia Smuts Louw. “The result was worth all the hard work: FLY AWAY became a poignant, surreal story of a love that transcends the boundaries between life and death.”

The video will go on to compete internationally at Filmapalooza in New Orleans against the winning offerings from other competing cities around the world later this year.

“After a weekend of mayhem we could not be happier with the product. Highlight of the shoot was attending a radio interview in the middle of the ambulance scene shoot. It was already pre booked and the DJ was so shocked. It was loads of fun, and the crew really pulled it out the bag. This is a super proud moment for us.” – Graeme Watkins

Tutu Puoane – Breathe

Sheer Sound proudly announces the signing of another massive jazz-based musical talent: Tutu Puoane. Highly acclaimed two (2) x South African Music Award (SAMA) winner for “Best Vocal Jazz’ categories – Tutu Puoane joins Sheer Sound with her latest offering “Breathe” – her 4th release to date.

Tutu says: “Most music in this world is about love – this album is no different.” Indeed resonant and heartfelt tracks and ballads find a home – and Tutu’s amazing and soaring vocal and compositional abilities are very readily apparent, and very impressive.

Media and jazz circles are a-buzz re Tutu and her new album. Seeds have been planted and tracks are already rotating – with mentions of pending albums release. The social network side is positively humming with anticipation likewise –


01. Us
02. Through The Years
03. Her Beauty
04. Moratuwa
05. Waiting for You
06. Cape Town
07. Dream
08. Dream On
09. Love Ends
10. Breathe

Sheer Sound recognises its SAMA Award Nominees

Adam Glasser – nominated in the “Best Jazz” category for the album “Mzansi”

An album which The Sunday World proclaims is ‘an inspired record that captures the essence of South African jazz’. That Gwen Ansell says “deliberately confronts listeners’ perceptions of musical categories and what does and does not belong in the box. Glasser wants us to sit up and acknowledge the validity of the South African jazz heritage”. An album that may well earn Glasser repeat SAMA honours, having scooped a previous award in 2012 for his debut album: ‘Free at First.’

Glasser has recently performed at the prestigious Cape Town International Jazz Festival [30th March] with a lineup including Khaya Mahlangu, Pinise Saul, and Bheki Khoza. The outfit is scheduled to perform at “Bushfire Festival” (Swaziland, 27th May) & “Hilltop Live” ( 2nd June). Adam Glasser has also managed to secure sponsorship from Honer mouth organs – and has recently conducted successful harmonica workshop at the Trevor Huddleston Centre in Sophiatown, as well as in Gugulethu (29th March).

Joe Shirimani Na Vana Va Ndoda – nominated in the hotly contested “Best Traditional Music” category for the album “Banana”.

The undisputed King of Shangaani disco is now back to music after a noticeable gap – where he studied and became a fully fledged traditional healer. Joe goes head to head with various big names, from divergent cultures and musical backgrounds, to fight for top honours on the night. Sheer Sound wishes him well!