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Joe Shirimani – Nyimpi Ya Nghena

Fresh Shaangan Disco – fused ancestral drums and rhythms, with modern and danceable touches – an album designed to cater for both young and old. Joe Shirimani is back, with friends, and a Bang – “Nyimpi Ya Nghena”!

With massive successes as a solo artist (several platinum sellers under his own name; having discovered, produced and recorded artists like Penny Penny, Ester M, JK Khazamula and Hasani)), in the prime of his career Joe Shirimani took a noticeable break from the musicplace to follow the call of his ancestors to become a traditional healer…

Joe Shirimani is back! Incredibly influential and popular in the Shangaan disc/ trad marketplace, now returns with ensemble band BANGONI BANDAWU. It features his talents, as well as those of current, popular and talented Xitsonga traditional music artists Prince Rhangani, Marhoya Chauke, Benny Mayengani and Jozi fm’s Dj Mkonwana

During Joe’s long break Xitsonga traditional music has suffered a huge loss and the market has missed his style of composition and production. Joe says the drum beats and songs he listened to while undergoing his training to become a healer have inspired him and have boosted his musical background –this education and revitalised energy has been put to perfect use in the creation of this albums material. The group’s first single “Mahlebezulu” became a massive hit in less than a week of Radio Play late last year, creating a huge demand for this album.