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T’s Touch of Soul – Out Soon

Thabo ‘Tbose’ Mokwele, Kaya FM midday presenter of the Best T in the City; broadcasting from 09h00-12h00 is one of the best rated shows among Kaya FM’s Afropolitan listeners.

The songs selected on T’s Touch of Soul was an emotion provoking process as the objective was to include songs that South Africans did not have access to, yet passionately wanted, especially for Tbose who is a music collector since the early days of his youth.

Soul like Jazz is the only original ingredient in this mix; it is also an unending story. The compilation is a labour of love, and all the songs were released during the cultural boycott of 1961 whilst only the daring and privileged few had access to the music, for many South Africans the music on this compilation still is the soundtrack to many youths gone bye

Say’s Tbose of the album “Personally for me every time I play the music on air or at music events, I get requests to either repeat the songs or people are prepared to pay obscene amounts of money to buy their favourite songs from me.

So when the opportunity presented itself to make the music available to everyone it was a great moment as people could now own a personal original copy of memories tied into songs on this album.

I’ll take you through some of the songs I treasure and form part of my personal collection.

The inclusion of Laidback – takes me back to 1985, it was declared the year of the youth, and this song was the most happening song from winter 1985 into the winter of 1986. A Big song indeed, a rare find and now you have your own copy.

I remember Soul Shadows – I didn’t know this version until someone told me that Dave Hollister’s “Call Me” was a sampling of this original. I then walked into a CD shop at Sammy Marks Square in Pretoria during my varsity days and they were playing it; the guy behind the counter said to me “it’s a private cassette collection” It concerned me as to why they would play a song they weren’t interested in sharing, needless to say I never bought a CD from that shop again.
Fast forward 12 or so years later, I find the original track, unlike that ‘behind the counter guy’ who was keeping good music away from the people; here you have the song for your listening pleasure courtesy of T’s Touch of Soul.

Boy George’s ‘I specialize in Loneliness’ this song was a special song of the time, the ‘Kitchen Party era’ as it was known. Pre ‘94, I was not allowed to go to any of these parties but, always being inquisitive and passionate about music I would sit outside in our yard just to hear the music blaring from the next street and this song was one of those. I wanted to juxtapose the song with “Sign of the Times” by Prince to make a perfect mix. But I’ve left it for Volume 2….”

Without a doubt, A Touch of Soul will be one of the memorable albums for the summer & the Xmas/new Years period, a timeless compilation made with love… ENJOY!


01. Try Again – Champaign
02. One Of These Nights – Leata Galloway
03. I Wonder Who She’s Seeing Now – The Temptations
04. Soul Shadows Ft Bill Withers – The Crusaders
05. I’ll Always Love You – Boney James
06. Lea – Toto
07. Rise To The Occasion – Climie Fischer
08. Still Water( Love) – O’ Bryan
09. I’ve Got To Go On Without You – Shirley Brown
10. One Good Reason – Marva Hicks
11. Oh How I Love You Girl – James “D Train” Williams
12. Gotta Get You Home Tonight – Eugene Wilde
13. Big Bad World – Patti Austin
14. I Specialize In Loneliness – Boy George
15. Fly Away/Walking Into Sunshine – Laid Back

Key upcoming releases from Sheer Urban!

The Journey by The Infinite Boys ( Debut Studio Album) – SSPCD 150

Release date: Mid to end Sept

Features the hit single Andey with Paul Olivera, also a track with DJ Shota, Mina Nawe & Big Nuz & Tira among many collaborations, a lot of buzz & hype on this as it is a 1st INFINITE BOYS release, these are the guys who have produced more than 300 songs for all the biggest DJ brands and house artists in SA, it’s now there turn to shine and SHINE they will.


DJ Thulz Nine38 Vol 2( Final title TBC) – SSPCD 147

Release Date: Mid- End September

Features I Want You by Salvatore Agrosi( rancid Travelling Soul mix), already on station playlists, heavy rotation coming on YFM, Metro & others, tipped to be one of the stand out Summer Anthems, also features DJ Clock on 2 tracks


A Touch of Soul by T Bose (Kaya FM) compilation – SSPCD 151

Release Date: End Sept/1st week Oct

A classic Soul compilation by T Bose & KAYA FM, a unique compilation & genre based release, massive target market to tap into and real demand for this product. KAYA FM will now be driving more than 400k in airtime and station support for the product along with massive promotion, on line, social network promo, events, Kaya Shows and heavy DJ related promotions via all shows. THIS IS A KEY PRODUCT FOR KAYA FM

One Night in Africa – Oliver Mtukudzi and Friends

Featuring guest appearances by: Hugh Masekela, Judith Sephuma, Steve Dyer and Siphokhazi & Live Performance by Zahara. Presented by: DStv, Kaya Fm and Carnival City. A Breakout Management Production…

Living legend Oliver Mtukudzi celebrates his 60th birthday year at Carnival City on the 2nd November. No stranger to the South African music scene Oliver’s 60th birthday coincides with the release of his 60th studio album, ‘Sarawoga’.

Few musical legends have achieved the kind of regional and international status as Oliver has. From the front cover of time magazine to his appointment as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Mtukudzi’s fame, stage craft and music prowess are legendary.

To celebrate these two incredible milestones Oliver invites all of his fans to his first performance in Johannesburg for 2012 for his 60th birthday performance which promises to be something very special as he invites his musical friends to guest with him on stage throughout the 120 minute performance. Stars such Judith Sephuma, Hugh Masekela, Siphokazi and Steve Dyer will join Oliver on stage for select songs as he plays the hits from a lifetime in music.

As one legend surveys his achievements and lifetime of music another legend emerges from the wings. Zahara who needs no introduction has arrived on the South African and international scene with a song and a drive that has left all others in her dust. Honoured to be on the same bill as Oliver as he celebrates his 60th birthday the show celebrates one legend and welcomes another into the spotlight as their lifetime in music begins.

Another ‘birthday’ worth noting is the one year anniversary of the launch of the One Night in Africa Series.

DStv were there one year ago for the inaugural concert at Carnival City in October 2011. The country’s leading cable brand, have a keen an eye for talent and entertainment brand building. The series that hosts hometown musical heroes and in this case legends has struck a chord with the DStv audience and who’s continued support of the brand has meant that it continues to grow and evolve into an event property that is synonymous with high end production value, musical collaborations and performances not to be missed.

It was the break away hit ‘Todii’ that cemented a love affair and relationship that has lasted almost two decades. Kaya Fm were the first radio station in the country to highlight the massive talent to the north of our borders by breaking the now well known single ‘Todii’. Kaya Fm have helped make Oliver a household name in South Africa and it was Oliver’s music that stuck resonance with Kaya’s commitment to quality African music that played a part in the development of Kaya’s massive audience and market share.

These relationships have been written in the stars by the stars.

TICKETS FROM: http://online.computicket.com/web/event/one_night_in_africa/682098104/0/50983341

For more information:

Kevin Stuart – production management – kevin@breakoutmanagment.co.za


Kentridge Tlale – PR and media – kentridge@sheer.co.za