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Dark Day for South African Jazz

Zim NgqawanaSheer Sound is very sad to report that the rumours regarding the passing of an amazing visionary, educator, innovator, man and musical talent are indeed true:

Zimasile “Zim/Zimology” Nqgawana (51) passed on this morning [10 May 2011] around 10am, after having suffered a major stroke on Saturday during his band rehearsals for an upcoming show…

He is survived by a wife and 5 children. Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to them; and all else who feel this loss as deeply as we do –

Indeed a massive and gaping hole is now left in the South African musicscape. Rest in peace bra Zim – we will all miss you and your intoxicating sounds – those, like your soul, will live forever!

Biographical details are HERE for further background information as to Zim’s many impressive achievements in his relatively short lifespan.

According to Muslim custom, Zim’s body will be laid to rest today. Details regarding the funeral arrangements are a little sketchy. As far as we are able to advise through communication with the family at this juncture there will be a gathering at Zim Ngqawana’s home in Troyville, whereafter a procession will head to West Park Cemetary in Montgomery Park to lay his body to rest at 8pm.