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Bholoja’s Swazi Soul

Bholoja - Swazi SoulBholoja is Swaziland’s fast rising & shining star – fast making impact and name for himself in South Africa, Africa and France!

His intriguing and easy listening blend of afro-pop, traditional music and afro-blues (with an even more vibey and personable stage show); his combining of strong messages of hope and emotion through the perfect vehicle of a haunting voice and impressive vocal range:

“…, but THE performance of the festival- the one that blew this writer away- goose bumps and all: Bholoja! Playing a unique blend of Swazi Soul with an entrancing stage performance, dollops of good humour and rich lyrics – it took only one song to stir the crowd into a rapturous frenzy!” John Cohen on Bushfire Festival.

Bholoja already has the interest and attention of the South African public and media and marketplace after playlisting and touring, likewise 3 tours to France over the last 6 months have a lot to say about his quality and appeal!

His album ‘Swazi Soul’ is out 31 May 2011.