Herbie Tsoaeli, Kyle Shepherd & Tutu Puoane nominated for South African Music Awards

Sheer Sound proudly announces and recognises it’s SAMA nominees:

Herbie Tsoaeli, Kyle Shepherd and Tutu Puoane

Sheer Sound once again dominates the Jazz category of the South African Music Awards (SAMA 19). We wish all 3 very deserving nominees the very best chances of success in taking home the silverware on the night.

Herbie Tsoaeli – African Time

Seasoned veteran, and newcomer as a solo artist at the same time, double-bass man Herbie Tsoaeli pools his abundant talent, experience and expertise gained over so many years, and alongside so many greats – to create an album of diversity in terms of the variety of jazz stylings it offers – but complete perfection overall as a comprehensive South African jazz snapshot from the past to the future / from the smooth all the way through to the Avante Guarde – and all in between.

This album has been a very long time in the making and seeing release. Eagerly anticipated by so many, it does not disappoint, and has definitely been well worth the wait.

Kyle Shepherd - South African History XKyle Shepherd – South African History !X

Two time SAMA nominee and piano virtuoso, poet and activist, Kyle Shpeherd sees a third SAMA nomination (for his third album). “South African History !X” is a journey of sound; exploring, experiencing, uncovering and celebrating the moods and emotions involved in our complicated and dynamic historical journey.

‘X’ in mathematics has always alluded to the unknown. the “X’ sound in Southern African languages and culture (from the Khoisan through to the Nguni language groupings) is incredibly prevalent, and can be tracked back to the very origins of man. Witness and enjoy the amazing depth, compositional and performance skill that Kyle Shepherd embodies – and offers in such abundance – on this album.

Tutu Puoane – Breathe

Presently based in Belgium, two-time SAMA award winner (vocal jazz) Tutu Puoane sees just acclaim and recognition for yet another magnificent album offering with this nomination.

Vocally focused jazz, with haunting background jazzy music created alongside husband Ewout Pierreux and the rest of her quartet, makes for a truly special listening experience – packed with emotions and overlapping textures – for which Tutu Puoane has become well known and seriously acclaimed.