Editors release ‘No Harm’ video

Following the leak of new track ‘No Harm’ via a Play It Again Sam compilation and an eagle eyed fan, Editors are proud to unveil their first video collaboration with Iranian born, Dutch resident Rahi Rezvahi.

As their visual collaborator for this and forthcoming projects, Rahi has proved to be the perfect foil to the band, lead singer Tom Smith saying:

‘Rahi understands what Editors is, we share a love for a certain aesthetic which our music mirrors. But rather than it all feeling too familiar what’s most exciting for us is the element of surprise. It’s exciting to be working hand in hand with him, to build on our relationship and see how far we can take it. It is, as he would say, beautiful’.

Sentenced to leave the country of his birth in 1999 for photographing something that he shouldn’t have, Rahi has built a formidable reputation as an artist of great merit, turning the darkness of his experience into striking and strident imagery, in his own words:

‘I am a black and white person, un-scared of dividing the world in good and bad. When you have a past like mine, you don’t have time to think in shades of gray’.

With ‘No Harm’ that total belief in the power of expression finds form in a stately piece of work, replete with subtle shifts and possessed of an austere beauty in harmony with the music.

For more information go to www.editorsofficial.com