Addy (NEW VIDEO) by December Streets

The December Streets released ‘Addy’ as a single earlier this year in anticipation for their upcoming album, and today it’s been followed up with visuals in the form of a brand new music video directed and shot by Tristan Coetzee and Zayn Opperman from Run Jump Fly Creations.

The concept of the video ties in very closely with the meaning of the song; the idea of never growing up or losing touch with what makes you happy. The story follows a young boy who begins drawing on a sticky note, clearly passionate about it. The character he is drawing then comes to life, jumping out of the drawing and going on adventures around the room. In the end we realise it is the progression of the boy’s life from young to old, looking back on his life, still drawing and doing what he loves.

‘It’s basically the adventure of a lifetime through an animation.’

The video was shot over the course of one day and night which mainly consisted of putting up sticky notes around a room for 14 hours, and then photographing them. Prior to that Zayn spent around 3 days creating 1500 illustrations of the character one sees in the video. The shoot was interesting as the entire video was shot using stop motion – the team needed to take thousands of photos of thousands of sticky note illustrations that they then stitched together to make a flowing animation.

‘The song and its lyrics revolve around young minds with no limitations and a hunger for adventure. This video portrays what goes on in those youthful minds, and how the old man in the video has kept his mind young over the years.’